October 1, 2023

Wanderers manager honors presentation, Mazzocco highlights Botafogo’s partnership with Uruguayan club: ‘It’s not just Diego Hernandez’

The relationship between Botafogo that it Montevideo Wanderers You should not stop at Diego Hernandez. During the presentation of the 22-year-old attacking midfielder on Saturday at Nilton Santos, the Uruguayan club’s manager, Enrique Bello, was present and was greeted by Alfinegro’s director of football, André Mazzocco.

– I really want to thank Enrique, who represents Wanderers, a 120-year-old family club, one of the most traditional clubs in Uruguay. Thank you for the partnership, which is no longer just Diego, it may be a long lasting partnership. Thanks also to Javier and Daniel, the actors who also helped a lot in this process – Mazzocco said at the presentation.

After Diego Hernandez’s press conference, Enrique Bello and Mazzocco posed together to take pictures and exchange shirts. Botafogo gave the club the sky blue shirt, the color that symbolizes Uruguay.

According to journalist Fabiano Bandeira, the shirt presented by Wanderers – also striped in black and white – paid tribute to Chapecoense for the tragic accident in 2016 and bore the number 13 (for Loco Abreu) ​​on the back. Enrique Bello gave the club a respectful quote from Santa Catarina and also gave Botafogo a pennant.

The Montevideo Wanderers jersey, which also had black and white vertical stripes, had the number 13 on the back, an apparent reference to Alvinegro’s idol Loco Abreu. The Uruguayan club also presented Glorioso with a banner.

To retain 70% of the economic rights to Diego Hernandez, Glorioso will spend US$2.5 million (R$12.5 million at current price) with Montevideo Wanderers.