August 18, 2022
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The war in ukraine Arrived this Tuesday (8) to you thirteenth day. Amid negotiations for a temporary ceasefire and rounds of talks between Russia and UkrainenyaPictures from the battlefield show that Russian attacks continue and appear increasingly to target civilians. There are already more than 1.5 million refugees outside the country and an even greater number of people moving within Ukrainian territory or trapped in cities surrounded by Russia.

Watch the latest key facts of the war:

  • Russia opened humanitarian corridors at 10 a.m. Moscow time (4 a.m. GMT) on Tuesday. Government Ukraine Confirm the information. On Monday, after mutual accusations between the two countries over the failure of the weekend’s ceasefire agreements, Moscow announced the creation of six new corridors. Four of the presented routes lead directly to Russia or Belarus. You Human corridors From Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernigov and Sumy, which are among the cities most under attack. The Ukrainians considered the offer “immoral” to take him to Russian territory.
  • The Ukraine Tonight it was reported that Russian Major General Vitaly Gerasimov died in action in the invasion. will be the The second Russian general was killed in the war. Russia has not confirmed the information.
  • negotiators Russia and Ukraine meet for the third turn Since the invasion began on Monday. According to the spokesman for the Ukrainian delegation, Mikhailo Podolyak, there is a slight and positive improvement in the organization of humanitarian corridors (understand). Russian spokesman Vladimir Medinsky said that it was “still too early” to talk about progress in the negotiations, and that the next meeting could not be expected to come with a “final result”;
  • Before the meeting, a Russian spokesman said that Russia’s demands are: who – which Ukraine Do not, at any time, be part of NATO; recognition of the separation of Crimea, annexed to Russia; which also recognizes the independence of the Donbass region;
  • Russia promised on Monday too Stop the attacks as soon as possible UkraineThe Fulfill all the demands madeHow to change the constitution and cede lands (listed here);