March 26, 2023

Warn! ChatGPT can make scams more convincing

popularity chat, the artificial intelligence tool, is constantly increasing. This is because, since its launch, it has acquired applications in a series of activities, such as producing emails or even answering user questions. Despite the benefits, experts warn that the tool can also be used to commit crimes.

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In short, the technology contains loopholes that allow scams to be applied to many victims at the same time. In this scenario, the tool allows generating, for example, more realistic messages with fewer errors. In practice, this makes it difficult to identify fraud, which increases the success rate of criminals.


Thus, AI tools such as ChatGPT have the ability to quickly learn how to interact and provide firm answers to any type of question. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert, as the development of scams can increase the use of the tool to have conversations with victims.

An example of this is social engineering scams, that is, those that do not involve using a virus to obtain data. Finally, the messages in it focus on convincing people to share their personal data because they believe they are talking to a bank or company.

How to protect yourself

Even as scams get more sophisticated from using software like ChatGPT, the way to protect yourself remains the same. In practice, never share private information over the phone or letters. This simple measure ultimately prevents access to data that could be key to purchases, transactions, or other types of financial damage.