October 2, 2022
Warning!  Google will warn you if there is no reliable information in the search

Warning! Google will warn you if there is no reliable information in the search

Announced novelty The Google Promises to help fight false information. From now on, the company will notify you if there is not much reliable information in the respective search results. The alert will mostly appear in breaking news.

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The alert is the result of several tests on software systems. In this way, the warning will be to indicate to users that it can be better Check News later, when more reliable information is available from new sources.

reliable information

Google has not yet improved the feature. With so much content available, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to determine which sources are actually reliable or unreliable.

Initially, notifications were only available in English and on searches for content in the US. now google expanded A novelty for more countries, including Brazil.

This way, the alert is mainly shown in last minute content searches. The idea is to point out to users a small amount of good information about this search. With this, Google aims to help users find the most reliable and useful data.

Reliable results are always linked to the content a statement By press vehicles as well as by public authorities. Therefore, when there is little information in this regard, Google will direct users to wait for more references on the topic in the coming hours.

It is expected that the news will be released soon and be available in eight languages: Portuguese. German; Spanish; French; Dutch; Indonesian. Italian and Japanese.