Warning to members: no more process Trudeau a “son of rich”

Avertissement aux députés: plus question de traiter Trudeau de «fils de riches»

OTTAWA — More question to treat Justin Trudeau a “son of rich”… at least not in the enclosure of the Commons.

The speaker of the House scolded the elected officials at the federal, Thursday afternoon, before giving them the floor for the question and answer period daily. Without identifying it clearly, it has indicated that it would no longer tolerate such a personal attack.

“I am confident that the members know how to formulate legitimate questions and strong at the same time. If they are not able to do that, I will give the floor to another member of parliament,” warned Geoff Regan.

Since the back Room on the 28th of January, the conservatives have made a habit of attacking Justin Trudeau, speaking of his personal fortune. The strategy, quite transparent, is intended to describe the prime minister as being out of touch with ordinary Canadians who, according to the conservatives, the liberal government imposes too many taxes and income taxes.

As well, the mp for ontario Pierre Poilievre came Tuesday to treat the prime minister of the “trustfund baby”, expression politely translated in the account of the parliamentary debates by “a person born in the ease”.

President Regan does not want to hear it in the Room.

“I have listened patiently, perhaps too patiently,” the questions of the week, said Mr. Regan, a reminder that “personal attacks” are not allowed in the debates he arbitrator, and promising to discontinue “any mp that would pose a question that does not pertain to public policy”.

According to the president, it is “the dignity of this House” where he is willing to allow the “intensity”, but requires “compliance”.

Two conservative mlas heckled the short speech of Mr. Regan and were called to order by him.

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