September 28, 2022
Was the Claudio Marzo and Osmar Prado scene real?

Was the Claudio Marzo and Osmar Prado scene real?

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The Globe With a beautiful tribute to the first edition of Pantanal, which took place in 1990 in Television the address. On Saturday’s episode (08/13), the radio featured two Velhos do Rio, old and new. Claudio Marzo and Osmar Prado appeared together in a beautiful scene.

However, the scene was created with computerized effects, as Cláudio Marzo is no longer with us. For those who don’t know, Cláudio Marzo in the first version of the novel, Joventino, played José Leôncio eo Velho do Rio.

Is Claudio Marzo dead?

Yes unfortunately Brazil lost the actor in 2015 at the age of 74. Today, if he were alive, he would be 80 years old. Meanwhile, Osmar Prado is 74 years old.

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