February 6, 2023
Watch 15 ways to withdraw this money in Caixa

Watch 15 ways to withdraw this money in Caixa

In 1966, through Law No. 5107termination compensation fund (fgts), with the idea of ​​providing savings for emergencies or the needs of workers in Brazil. As monthly companies are obligated to deposit 8% of the employee’s salary into the account. Thus, FGTS is a right of all workers with an official contract.

Thus, for encouragement EconomieIn recent years, the Federal Government has launched withdrawals of FGTS amounts on some occasions, such as the extraordinary withdrawal released this year of up to R$1,000, which can be withdrawn until the 15th of this December.

What are the cases in which the FGTS withdrawal is released?

So, the idea is that FGTS resources are only used in below situations:

  1. HIV-positive employees or dependents;
  2. employees or dependents with cancer;
  3. workers or dependents who are at a terminal stage of life;
  4. dismissal without just cause;
  5. cancellation of work by agreement between the employer and the employee;
  6. Buying a home, liquidating, paying off a debt, or making a portion of a mortgage payment;
  7. the end of a contract for a specified period;
  8. Complete or partial closure of the company.
  9. termination due to the fault of the employer and employee or force majeure (in the event that the company was affected by natural phenomena or fire);
  10. the retirement
  11. natural disasters, such as floods, winds, and lightning, where the state decides a general disaster;
  12. employees over 70 years old;
  13. Residency for three consecutive years without a formal contract;
  14. In the event of the employee’s death, the legally recognized dependents and heirs may make the withdrawal;
  15. Christmas withdrawal.

However, it should be noted that those who opt for the Christmas withdrawal end up losing the right to withdraw the entire amount from their FGTS account in case of dismissal without just cause.

How do I know how much FGTS I have?

In short, to find out how much is available in FGTS, you just need to access the Site Give Caixa Economica Federal With the Social Identification Number (NIS) found on the business card. In addition, it is also possible to refer to the FGTS application (available for android And the iOS🇧🇷

Photo: Jair Ferrera Bellavaci/Shutterstock