March 21, 2023
Watch the controversy that caused artists to abandon the opening of Erykah Badu's show

Watch the controversy that caused artists to abandon the opening of Erykah Badu’s show

Bala Desire, who recently won an award Grammy In the category “Best Pop Album in Portuguese”, the singer Céu withdrew from opening the Erykah Badu show at the Nômade Festival, in São Paulo, on January 22, 2023. The artists’ decision came after criticism of the event, which was not scheduled. Black singers for the American Opening Performance.

A nod to r&b, soul and black music, Erykah was confirmed yesterday for next year’s festival, which will take place at Memorial da América Latina. In addition to the artist from the United States, two Brazilian artists were also announced in the lineup for the event. Among them are Gelson, Bala Desire and singer Siu.

However, what ended up getting attention and having a negative impact on social media was the selection of mostly white Brazilian artists to participate in the festival.

Singer Xenia França also spoke about the line-up for the event. “And to the surprise of a total of zero people, the opening line of the exhibition was also announced. Completely out of touch with the current moment, since this artist is an institution of global black culture and everyone knows that she is in dialogue with many artists of current Brazilian black music,” she began.

In an outburst, the singer said about how the industry isn’t really focused on wanting to change the music landscape. “The truth is that few people are really interested in changing something. Even with some developments. There are few people who actually understand and identify with the rebirth of contemporary black arts in Brazil. (…) What I notice is addictive and the market is taking a breath,” he said. The choices are as always: ignore, not erase, black artists from Brazil, especially women.”

In light of this, the band that won “Best Pop Album in Portuguese” withdrew from performing at the event and announced the decision in a statement on their social networks.

“Yesterday we were announced as one of the opening bands for the Erika Badu concert in São Paulo. We accepted the invitation before we knew exactly who the artists would be in the lineup and the full program of the festival. As a band we always strive to be close to the audience, but it is also necessary for the audience to be close of a fully vibrant spectacle, which is, more often than not, on the fringes of this curated look.

Afterwards, the band wrote that they were waiting in anticipation of black artists’ names being confirmed for a festival line-up Song🇧🇷

“We hope that we will be replaced by many talents of black Brazilian music, someone who dialogues directly with the Bado heritage. There are many artists with more property to occupy this place than us,” the band said.

In addition, Bala Quero hopes that other festivals will understand the importance of selecting artists who bring Brazilian representation. The band also indicated that it is waiting for the festival’s organizers to appear.

“And that all festivals in Brazil recognize the urgent need to build groups that address issues of representation and respect the history and contexts in which each artistic manifestation takes place. There are endless options of outstanding artists to create schedules, and we do not agree with their absence and hope that the festival announces itself and manages more than changes.” necessary.”

Singer Céu posted a story with a blog post about the festival, writing: “Participation cancelled.”

Nômade Festival also spoke about the artists’ cancellations and confirmed that it is now focused on reworking the event’s lineup.

“Yesterday was a day filled with a lot of reflection and exchange of ideas with partners, friends and colleagues, but above all, a day full of listening! We were attentive to all your situations, which is what makes the Mundo Nômade platform. With this in mind, in agreement with our artist partners, we have recreated Crafting Nômade Presentes Erykah Badu, which will take place on January 22, 2023, keeping the date of the artists already announced, who have already been with us on other occasions, for the next nomadic moment, ”the festival began.

The organizers continued their statement, highlighting the happiness of the American singer in Brazil, as well as analyzing the artists who will compose the program of the event, which will be announced soon.

“Our team is very grateful and honored to bring the iconic Erica Badu to Sao Paulo next year, and we look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful day full of celebration and good energy. On that day, we will bring the unique strength of women that we appreciate from the Brazilian scene and that will be released very soon.”

“We deeply appreciate the affection of our audience and look forward to our next moments together in December this year, and January and May next year. We are always here, as a multi-variety platform that is always striving to expand the music scene. See you soon,” concluded the festival.