December 3, 2022
Enquete A Fazenda 2022

Watch the latest partial update and find out who is leaving today (06/10)

This Thursday (6) the person to be eliminated will be revealed next Farm 2022. Deborah Albuquerque, Roseanne Pinheiro And the Thiago Ramos She competes for the public vote to remain on the reality show. Check out the updated portion of the UOL survey indicating who out of the three are most likely to be excluded.

Fazenda Poll 2022: Check out Roca’s partial updates for this farm (6/10). (Photo: Reproduction/RecordTV).

In the update made at 21:57, Thiago Ramos It remains with the public’s preference with 36.26% of the vote. Deborah and Russian continue to compete aggressively for the third and second places. The dancer has 32.32% and the ex-Ronalina has 31.42% and he is, at the moment, most likely to leave A Fazenda 2022, according to the poll.

Official voting takes place on the program’s website on the R7 portal. The audience can vote, as many times as they want, who they want to stay on the reality show. The UOL survey has nothing to do with the official score of the program and serves only as a preliminary survey.

formation of roca

Roca was formed last Tuesday (4) and started with Andre Marinho revealing the green power he gained from Iran Malfitano, Sunday’s fire test winner (2). Replacing a large pawn with a headquarters pawn, was the advantage he got. pawn turning Barbara Burgess by Deborah Albuquerque.

Vini Buttel, Farmer of the Week, sent Alex to the hot seat. After the House vote, which focused on Thiago Ramos and Xi’an, Iran exposed the power of black slavery: “Choose an option: your vote will be a weight of two or you will not vote, but you will win a prize of R$5,000”.

The actor chose to give a double vote to Tiago, who ended up being the most voted for. The model had the right to drag someone from the booth to the hot seat and chose Deborah. Rosian Pinheiro was the last in the group remaining and took fourth place for Rosa.

The dancer had the right to veto one of the candidates from participating in the farmer’s audition and chose Deborah.

farmer test

The dynamic performed Wednesday night (5), live, consisted of placing ten rubber ducks in a lake.

The pedestrians were supposed to pick up the ducklings and take them to the lake via a sleigh. After the rubber blocks were already in the lake, players had to fire jets with a water pump to make them move across and across the lake.

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The last duck is locked. To free him, the pawns exhibited the fortune board. The race had to be restarted twice because part of the scene broke down and had to be replaced. In the end, Alex did better and was the big winner, becoming Farmer of the Week and running off the farm.

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