March 21, 2023
Watch the space station in flight

Watch the space station in flight

Have you ever stopped to imagine what it would be like if the International Space Station (ISS), located in low orbit from a landWas it a little closer to the surface of the earth? At the height of a airplane commercial? Well, the aircraft enthusiast not only thought about it, but also created a video showing the situation.

Benjamin Granville is responsible for the video. To create and install images, use the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator game. In it, Graville could visualize what the International Space Station would look like from 10,000 feet in the air. The result was amazing and terrifying.


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In the video, the speed at which the International Space Station travels across the sky is 27,600 km/h, which is really fast and impressive. If someone was standing and trying to photograph an object passing through the sky, they would have to point the camera up to click quickly, in about a split second.

At such a low altitude, the ISS will encounter some obstacles such as air resistance that must be overcome in order for it to be able to maintain such a high and steady speed. Therefore, several pieces of equipment had to be retrofitted, as well as their building materials.

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The International Space Station will not survive outside low Earth orbit

When considering in the real world, unlike an airplane, the ISS would simply fall out of the sky and succumb to gravity, because it’s not designed to glide through the air, which can be terrible depending on where you land.

Nevertheless, the video was a fun and unusual demonstration of what it would be like to see an object so large, so powerful and so well known to astronomy fans race so fast and so close into the sky. It is worth noting that the International Space Station will soon be retired.

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