May 30, 2023
Watch what happens to the bones of astronauts when they return to Earth

Watch what happens to the bones of astronauts when they return to Earth

As we all know, there is weightlessness in outer space. This fact causes physical and physiological changes in astronauts, who, upon return to a landReap the consequences. but you know What happens to an astronaut’s bones? in the space? See below the result of long periods of time in space without your feet on the ground!

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What is bone density?

Also called bone mineral density (BMD), it is the weight per square centimeter of calcium in a portion of bone. It is basically the form used to determine the strength of a bone, because the higher its density, the denser and stronger it is.

astronaut bone density

By spending long periods in space, astronauts can lose decades of bone density, and the longer they stay outside Earth, the more density they lose.

It was the result of a study published this year in Scientific Reports, which assessed bone density in the wrists and ankles of 17 astronauts who spent time on the International Space Station.

In this case, upon return to Earth, it was observed that the density of these bones was equivalent to what astronauts would lose in about 10 years of age, because with age, the trend is to reduce mineral density.

Other studies have already concluded that astronauts lose 1 to 2% of bone density each month in space.

lasting effects

Everything would be fine if the density was restored, right? However, what happens is that even several years after returning to Earth, the astronauts will still be reaping the effects of moving away from gravity.

For this reason, it is recommended to have a series of specific exercises to stimulate the production of bone mass, with “floor lifting” being the most recommended exercise.

Finally, the good news is that astronauts tend not to notice this decrease in bone density, especially those under the age of 40, as osteoporosis is a silent disease that, if not taken care of, will only have effects in old age. .