May 31, 2023

“We can play horror in this house”; After the bets run out, the sisters plan to “cause” inside BBB 23 to buy in-game food


Bruna Griffaue, Larissa, Amanda and Elaine Werley Comment on No Classes Next Week at BBB 23

© Reproduction / GloboLarissa and Amanda talk to Allen and Bruna about scraps

Bruna Griffaue, Larissa, Amanda, and Allen Werley talk in the kitchen about no scraps, This Sunday at BBB 23. The group made plans to eliminate all other participants in the house in order to “scare” the game.

“I counted 500, I gave 500 in the market and I lost 300”, Larisa started. At the same time, Bruna Griffaue was told that she had lost 50 mortgages as punishment. Larissa commented on being passive in the game. “You have done everything in the market,” said the physical education teacher. “We have to win the leader.” “I gave 700 on the market, and it was the first time I ever had a brain,” Bruna continued. “You have not done more than commit”, Amanda playsalso described.

Bruna and Aline – Photo: Globo

Allen asked the three how many bets they had and, Then he hung up: “Next week we do not eat.” “If I earn 500 next week, I will keep 200 to help the market,” Larisa noted. Listening to her friend, Bruna replied: “Calm down, look, are they going to forbid us to eat? So that’s it! So it’s not possible… Everyone’s hungry, I don’t care. That’s what we have, what are we going to do? Will you get it out of your ass to pay?” ?

Amanda then commented, “We have to win the Chief next week.” Allen agreed. “Exactly,” Amanda said, “I already know we’re going to have 1,000 each.” Finally, Bruna pitched an idea for the group. “You know what would be nice? We take everyone to ‘You’re Nothing’ and everyone turns it down. Man, we’re a minority, we can strike terrors in this house. I’m serious, you guys it’s our moment.”