June 4, 2023

“We had several phases”; After their alleged friendship, Juliet opens up about her relationship with Anita

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The friendship between the former BBB and the singer began after the end of BBB 21, which dedicated Juliet as the heroine of the release

Image 1: Reproduction/Juliet’s Instagram | Image 2: Reproduction/Instagram by Anitta

Juliette Freire that it Anita They became good friends after the end BBB 21, which dedicated the former BBB as the champion of the edition. Although they prefer to keep the friendship on an “off” state, many people “jump” around a It assumes a strained relationship Echo already on the Internet.

In an interview with the newspaper the worldAnd Juliette opened up about it and admitted that the friendship with the singer has several stages. In some they are well glued and in others, they are well spaced. However, he confirmed that they are still friends. “We had a few phases. At first, we were really close, like a lot. It helped me a lot when I left the show. Then we moved away, we talked less. Now, we’re close again. We’re back to be much closer.” Detailed Paraibana.

photo: playback / instagram juliet

Juliette noted that in order to maintain her privacy, she prefers to keep everything “at a distance”, but ends by saying that she considers Anita part of her family. “It’s like a member of my family. We’re not an individual who reveals our relationship 100% all the time, we don’t post and we don’t talk every single day,” He said.

He continued: “But you know that sister, that cousin you know will be there? And that,” She ended her ex BBB, who invested in her singing career after her incarceration. Please note Juliet lived for a few months at Anita’s house After the end of the TV Globo reality show.