June 4, 2023

“We know…”; The journalist refers to Boninho’s alleged manipulation in BBB 23 and Parisa is cited


The topic was brought up last Monday (3) and is still being talked about on social media

Photos: Instagram/Boninho (left) – Playback/BBB/Gshow (right)

Amanda, Domitella, Larisa or Marvella? This past Sunday (2), another Paredão was decided on BBB 23. This time, the dynamics of reality will be a little different: it’s a foursome and you have to vote for who you want to stay in the game. The sister with the fewest votes will be eliminated this Tuesday (4), when Thaddeus Schmidt Announce the final result.

to FinishedColumnist for UOLHowever, the adoption of a “new style” by Paredão in the final phase of the game was questionable, especially given that Marvvila was already in danger of being in the spotlight: “I would like Marvella to stay, (but) this wall is designed for her to leave. Boninho has thought of this wall to wipe out some plants.”he said on Splash Show.

Photo: Playback / BBB / Gshow

“We know: when you put a wall to stay (the most voted), and not to eliminate, those who have less support are eliminated – and therefore plants, which participate less. But it would be very interesting for the game if Larisa was eliminated. She arrived as the right holder, full with wisdom, as if all truths belong to her alone.”completed.

Finally, the journalist continued to criticize Larisa’s behavior, who returned with several outside information: “Larissa managed to turn everyone’s game into a game about her – because the subject, whenever it was discussed, turned to her. She gave a great sense of egocentrism. I think it would be interesting for Larissa to die out of her mouth.”.