We turn to Saint Paul !

On tourne à Saint-Paul !

The municipality of Saint-Paul-d’abbotsford will transform into a plateau of filming today and tomorrow, the driver of a police comedy called There’s nothing there ! intended to take life in the form of a webseries.

For the occasion, Saint-Paul will become a Saint-Worried, a small town in the region of Beaucerégie, which hosts its own police service.

The project is one of the productions Ben so let’s see, founded three years ago by the comedian Jean Provencher — one has been able to see for 12 years in gags Just for laughs — as well as his wife Annie Paquette, Fawn Design. Together, they have written the scenario , There is nothing there !, they were first introduced for the tv two years ago. Unfortunately, the project has not been identified, tells the new Abbotsfordien. “But there was no question that I leave to rot in the drawers,” he says.

“I have already harvested a good portion of the funding, and I really have the taste of rotate it this summer ”

Jean Provencher

Mr. Provencher was then presented to John Tourangeau, a lecturer in production Strategies and in Television at the School of media, UQAM, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Gazette digital, consultant-mentor for several web series and script-editor projects, emerging companies, who collaborated to transform the synopsis in capsules of three and a half minutes for the web.

“Last week, he phoned me to tell me he was ready to move on to the funding phase, and for that, he would need a pilot before 1st of march,” says Provencher.

Quickly, the producer has formed a small film crew made up of emerging artists, mainly, but will join a big name in the industry by episode. Sandrine Bisson, Hugo Girard, and Alain Dumas have already confirmed their participation if the project goes ahead, let-t-he to know. This is the actress Carmen Sylvester, Detestable, who will take care of the driver.

driver details

All this beautiful world works last Friday and Saturday in the small town of Saint-Paul-d’abbotsford, and visit including the town hall, the caisse populaire, the Coffee harvest and the new gym crossfit. The offices located above the drum will turn for their part in the police station.

The synopsis of this first episode begins in the board room, with the announcement of the official arrival of the long awaited police service and the presentation of his team, who very soon, will face a theft at the atm.

The productions Ben so let’s see have need 50 extras adult for the shooting of their driver Saturday, February 23, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the town hall of Saint-Paul-d’abbotsford. People interested should book their place in the jean@productionsbenvoyonsdonc.com by registering in the e-mail subject : figurative board room.

The response of the funding should arrive no later than the 1st of June, but regardless of whether it is positive or not, Jean Provencher intends to turn its first five episodes at the end of August. “I have already harvested a good portion of the funding, and I really have the taste of rotate it this summer,” he said.

He doesn’t hide it : his ultimate goal is once again to present his project to the tv. “The web is increasingly a gateway for the small screen “, he says.

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