June 6, 2023
"We win together, but we won't die as a couple"

“We win together, but we won’t die as a couple”

Simaria, from the country duo with Simone, is tired. “(I was hearing) ‘Shut up’, ‘Don’t say that’, ‘Don’t say that’…But, man, I’m 40 I’m not going to shut up anymore. I’ll say what I think is right,” said the artist, detailing Troubled professional relationship with her sister. And the two announced, last week, the termination of the technical partnership indefinitely. After communicating, by noting that he was leaving the stage to take care of his health, Simaria took up the topic for the first time.

“That doesn’t mean that because you won together, you have to die with her duplin forever, you know?” , she referenced “Spectacular Sunday,” citing the duo’s break and the fact that her sister Simone Mendes now caters to her concert schedule herself.

Cimaría has been singing professionally since he was 14, when he joined Frank Aguiar’s band. Two years later, Simon also joined the group of singer forró. Today, my father used to say, ‘My daughter, don’t let anyone invade your heart, your principles and the things you believe in, do you know why?’ Because this place is inviolable, and no one can touch it.”

Simaria recently separated from Vicente Eskrig, with whom she had been married for 14 years. With her ex-husband, she has two children, Giovanna, 9, and Paul, 5, both squabbling in court over the division of assets they own in Brazil and Spain. Family drama generates moments of tension for the singer.

“When an artist loses his voice, he’s sad, isn’t he? I won’t cry because I cried so much all these days,” said Simaria, who lost an aunt who considered her a “second mother.” , last month. “As successful as I am, I hope God will never allow me to lose my core.”