December 6, 2023
Weekend football news

Weekend football news

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Did you “go out” over the weekend and lose any football details? No problem, it’s tied into the compilation with everything that rocked the Bretton sports world on Saturday (27) and Sunday (28). In addition to the Copa Libertadores final, there was a lot going on in the Brazilian prairies and around the world.

Pochettino talks about Neymar’s injury in the Paris Saint-Germain match: “We are concerned”

Striker Neymar starred in a strong move on Sunday (28) in French football. In a dispute over the ball with a player from Saint-Etienne, the Brazilian injured his ankle in the turf and suffered a serious sprain. Soon after the ugly move, the Paris Saint-Germain player left the field in tears, supported by his teammates.

In the interview that followed the match, coach Pochettino worried about the Brazilian striker’s condition, and revealed that the player would undergo exams on Monday (29).

After winning the Libertadores Double Stretch Championship, coach Abel Ferreira spoke of physical and mental stress, leaving a future open in Palm trees. According to information from “GE”, the Portuguese have already begun to receive new offers on the market. The main interested party is Al-Nassr, from Saudi Arabia, which has already indicated an offer of €20 million (R$127 million). Also, according to the portal, the coach will talk with his family members, who reside in his homeland, to determine his future in Brazilian football.

In an interview with the Argentine “ESPN”, defensive midfielder Felipe Melo, from Palm trees, stated that so far he has not been contacted by Alviverde’s board of directors to renew the contract. Asked about the possibility of wearing Boca Juniors’ colors, “Pitbull” said that despite speculation, no official has arrived.

They ask, but no one called me. I have a contract until December 31st, we’ll see if anyone contacts me. If no one called me (Boca) and if Palm trees Felipe Melo confirmed that he is not calling me either… I will stay at home”, noting in the sequence that there is a lot of “firewood to burn” in football.

A meeting between lovers flamingo e do Palm trees It was performed outside the Centenario. In a video released by UOL Esporte, fans can be seen leading a riot in a restaurant near the entrance gate for Palestinian fans. Some of the red-black people were having lunch, when they ended up being kicked out by Alverdez wearing the São Paulo club’s main organizer shirt.

The Libertadores champions and dominance in South American football in the past two seasons, players Palm trees seize the opportunity to poke flamingo After the symbolic conquest of Uruguay. Still on the plane, back to Sao Paulo, young Gabriel Menino caught defensive midfielder Willian Arau, who on the eve of the match said that the red-black team would win on the scoreboard 2-0.

lover’s anger flamingo After the bitter defeat in the Copa Libertadores, it was intense on social networks. In several publications, rubro-negro netizens asked for the departure of two players from the current team: Everton Ribeiro and Chilean Isla. Without criticism, fans of the Javea team demanded the vice president of football, Marcos Braz, to make a decision.

In addition to the duo, the name Renato Gaucho was widely criticized and requested by fans.

Renato Gaucho fans are calling for his resignation flamingo And they issued requests for the club to seek the recruitment of coach Marcelo Gallardo, a multi-champion led by River Plate, who last week won the unprecedented title he had been missing: the Argentine championship. For the Reds, at least one bid should be made to coach Hermano, who has a future that is far removed from Argentine football.

At the last press conference before the Copa Libertadores final, defensive midfielder Felipe Melo was asked if he would present the title to president and friend Jair Bolsonaro if he wins. But Pitbull evaded questioning saying he wouldn’t answer for anything outside of football, which surprised columnist Mauro Cesar Pereira, of UOL Esporte.

“It is strange that an important figure, a famous and controversial player who plays for such an important club, has once again reached the finals in the Libertadores, Palm treesPlease specify the moment when you will talk about this topic. At one time, he honors Bolsonaro, at another he prefers not to talk about it. asked the commentator.

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