July 14, 2024

Well or rest? Watch this optical illusion live from Mars

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Well or rest?  Watch this optical illusion live from Mars
Well or rest?  Watch this optical illusion live from Mars

photo optical illusion Flourishing on social media, the artists who specialize in these illustrations are a hit and challenge their followers to solve challenges. Through them, it is possible to realize how insidious and deceiving our brain can be, as well as learn even some traits around us. Personal. However, the image that we brought in this article was not taken by any specialist, but by a satellite in Mars. curious? Check it out below.

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Optical illusion from Mars

The image, taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Orbiter, was published July 11 by a team of researchers at the University of Arizona. The scene, which is part of an area known as Ceraunius Fossae, has sparked some discussions among scholars. This is because, at first glance, it appears to have a mountain or a small elongated hill.

However, with the help of the angle and direction of the light, this is just our brain deceiving us. In fact, it is a crater or crater in the terrain of the Red Planet. When the photo arrived on social networks, you can already imagine that it also sparked a discussion among netizens, right? However, this is really a “hole”, but it takes a lot of effort to see it.

Explanation of optical illusion

The satellite manages to capture the surface of the planet quite well, but the shadows cast can make some images confusing. In this case, it ends up generating a high relief effect. However, just flip the image and you’ll notice that the “well” has been redirected and back to looking for what it should have been initially.

According to NASA, this observation is necessary to understand whether there are connections between these wormholes. According to the agency, it appears to be 1.2 kilometers long, but it is difficult to say how long it has been. Even in the south, it is possible to see another “hole” from the collapse, but it does not cause the same optical illusion effect.

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