November 28, 2023
Were Alcides castrated or raped?  What has changed in the Pantanal scene?

Were Alcides castrated or raped? What has changed in the Pantanal scene?

The final part of the Pantanal is already up in the air and the long-awaited scenes of the remake are also shown, such as Tenório (Murilo Benicio)’s revenge against Alcides (Juliano Cazarré).

In yesterday’s class, landowner Alcides and Maria (Isabel Teixeira) are kidnapped after holding them in bed in a shed on his farm.

To take revenge he committed evil, but the scene left a doubt arose in viewers who commented on a novel On the web: Was Alcides raped or castrated by Tenório? The suspicion is reasonable because there was a change of scenes shown in 1990 and 2022.

In the original, written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, Alcides is castrated, while in the current version, adapted by Bruno Luperi, the narration shows a rape. The common denominator in both versions is the suffering of Mary when she testifies to evil and violent sequences that divided opinions on social media.

2022 version

When he caught Alcides and Maria, Tenório aimed a gun at them, as well as disarming Alcides, who had a knife in his belt. The squatter said it was time for revenge. “Do you think you can enjoy my land as I enjoyed my wife?” Tenório was fired.

After that, he took them to Taftra Juma and kept them tied up. There, Tenórios and Alcides exchanged insults and recalled the death of Alcides’ father. Tenorio was also called the century.

“You’ll pay dearly,” said Tenório. “I will do to you what you do to a bull that eats someone else’s cow. I will take Alcides out of you,” while Maria asks Tenório to stop the torture.

“Give me a reason not to cover it?” asked Tenorio. Maria replied, “I love him … I love him as if I had never loved anything else in my life. Tenorio, if you will do this barbarism to him, kill me first.”

In the sequence, the squatter stated that he wouldn’t do “this barbarism,” but something much worse. He untied Maria and took her out of Tefira. Inside the hut, Tenorio beat and raped the former henchman. It took five hours to shoot the scene, according to Jesho.

“Now, I’m the one who’s dating,” Tenorio yelled as he committed evil. The viewer only heard Alcides’ screams while he saw Maria’s suffering outside Tefira. Moment rape It wasn’t literally broadcast on air.

In the next scene, the three appeared at the edge of the river. When questioned, Tenorio said he would not kill Alcides. The squatter replied, “My revenge will be to let you live so that you may know what happens to those who dare to do my things.”

Then Alkydes said that he would resist and would kill him. “You’ll pay for what you did,” declared Maria’s friend. Tenorio replied: “Would you have the courage to tell (about the rape) to your boss, to your little friends at work, would you have the courage to tell what happened?” .

How did that happen in 1990?

After finding Alcides and Mara, Tenório threatened to kill them and kept him bound. After dark, he revealed his intention to castrate the pawn. Desperate, Maria begged her ex-husband not to slander Alcides and said she was ready to take him back to Sarandë lands. “Don’t do that, for God’s sake,” Broca asked.

“You should have thought about it before you go to bed with that little piece of filth,” replied Tenorio, before attacking the pawn with a blow to his private organs, causing Alcides to ache and scream.

The farmer even threatened to throw the former pawn into the river to be devoured by the piranhas if Bruaca did not lie with him again, raping his ex-wife. Physical violence against Maria does not occur in the current version.

Unlike the 2022 scene, in 1990 the Tenório left with their gun and boat, leaving Bruaca and Alcides in Tapera in Juma. Unfortunately, the pawn told Bruaca that he did not want to survive. She, in turn, was determined to kill her ex-husband.

Confused, they return to farm It was decided not to tell anyone the truth. In front of everyone they claim that they were attacked by a jaguar and that the boat was carried away by the current.