August 14, 2022
Wesley Savadao breaks silence on recovery after surgery: 'Good damage'

Wesley Savadao breaks silence on recovery after surgery: ‘Good damage’

More than 10 days after her herniated disc removal, Wesley Savada broke the silence and revealed the harassment

This Tuesday (12) singer Wesley Savadao Use social media to talk to followers about recovering from his herniated disc surgery.

A little over ten days after the procedure, this is the first time the musician has appeared in stories. Sincerely, he explained the reason for the disappearance and said that he still felt some discomfort, but assured that the recovery is happening in the best possible way.

“I came to say ‘Hi’, to say I’m very happy, I woke up well, thank God. We’re already back, recovery is great. Some discomfort in the back where I had the operation, and the mouth is a little swollen, because of the position I was in in the surgery, I ended up hurting her.” , so I’m talking a bit like this, you probably won’t notice but it’s still very painful inside.”started.

The artist also said that, apart from the inconveniences that he still feels, everything is going well. He explained that he was slow to appear on social media to talk to fans due to the swelling in his face, which persisted a few days after the surgery.

“Apart from that, everything is fine. I want to say that I am happy and thankful to God, friends, family and fans. Thank you for all the affection I have received these days. I never attended because my face wasn’t great, it was swollen”He said.


Thean DantasSinger’s wife Wesley Savadaoused his social networks last Saturday (09) For details of the recovery of the dear person in the hospital. The procedure was carried out last Thursday (07) and has been widely commented on on the web.

The digital influencer posted a photo of herself making half a heart with her hand, while the artist is shown sitting on a bedroom bed, without compression stockings. In explaining the flick, she took the opportunity to reassure famous fans of her health.