July 21, 2024

Wet butt, Mühler Millau uses the weekend to wash the car: ‘With a hose’

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Wet butt, Mühler Millau uses the weekend to wash the car: 'With a hose'
Wet butt, Mühler Millau uses the weekend to wash the car: 'With a hose'

Nobody expected this! Renata FrisonShe, known as the Watermelon Woman, made Instagram users crazy on Sunday (31) by posting a record of her new article for OnlyFans. The inspirer used the weekend to be productive and did not fail to shock the masses with a single click!

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At the time, the model used her down time to wash her car and was not shaken by the cold weather. Without any shame, Melao was touched when she appeared with her entire wet body, captivating her sensuality.

“Very beautiful and gorgeous,” one follower praised in the post’s comments. “Besides everything, she knows how to be talented,” another netizen who plays with the crossbar’s “mission” launched. A third confessed: “This picture brightened my weekend.”

Melon Woman responds to criticism for selling content on OnlyFans

Proud of your work! Recently, Mulher Melão gave an interview to Quem and revealed that she is receiving many criticisms for selling content through OnlyFans. The muse said it was not enough to just “take her clothes off” and that there was a plan behind the workouts.

People think it’s easy. It’s not just about stripping. You have to work hard every day, you have to work, create, produce, write great video scripts and record them with good lighting and sharp images. There is a whole production I love to do. “I wake up and fall asleep thinking about the videos and I’m still in touch morning and evening with my fans,” Melao said.

Millau also said that he usually interacts a lot with international audiences on OnlyFans: “I have to talk to my followers in English, Spanish, French, German and other languages. I became multilingual.”

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