December 8, 2022
"What an honor for Brazil to host you"

“What an honor for Brazil to host you”


Among the celebrities who congratulated the artist Gilberto Gil, Emeda and Gloria Perez.

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

In the process of preparing for the recordings of the series red earthfrom TV Globo, Fernanda Montenegro He turned 93 on Sunday (16 years old). The actress – who landed her first contract at the age of 15 as a writer, broadcaster and radio actress – has received messages of praise and congratulations from several celebrities on social media.

Among the messages received on Christmas Day, there is a letter from a co-worker, Gloria PiresWho wrote: “Inspiration!! Today is the day Fernanda Montenegro. Happy birthday,” said another artist who was keen to congratulate the veteran Emesidawho posted a photo next to the actress with the following caption: “What an honor for me. What an honor for Brazil to host you. Happy new session,” the singer wrote.

This Sunday also (16), Gilberto Gil She published two photos alongside the artist, praising her, saying: “We love life what we do. Fernanda With theatre, film and television, I am with music and cultural militancy. our end, Fernanda Montenegro. That’s a hug! “

Fernanda Montenegro He was also congratulated on FluminenseVeteran team at heart: “Tricolour de, one of the greatest Brazilian actresses of all time Fernanda Montenegro This Sunday celebrates 93 years! It is an honor to share with you my passion for tricolor! happy birthday! As stated in the official publication of the club.