March 24, 2023
What are the hidden signs in the search word?

What are the hidden signs in the search word?

Word Search is a game that consists of locating the hidden word among randomly arranged letters. The game aims to test your cognitive and cognitive skills in a fun way.

In today’s article, we will give another example of a word search on the topic of tag names. Can you find all that is hidden?

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Solve the challenge quickly

Today’s word search topic is the name of the tags. You should find all zodiac signs in the word search below.

To solve it quickly, we will help you with some tips. Check it out now:

1. Search the letters in every possible way

To search for words, it is best to search the letters from top to bottom, bottom to top, then right to left and left to right. Words can be written standing up, upside down, in the normal direction, or in reverse. So, if you search the letters in this way, it will be easy for you to find the hidden words unlike the traditional way.

2. Start looking for vowels

Most letters have vowels, so by looking for those letters that are most common in a word, it’s easier for you to locate hidden words.

3. Find the word itself

In this word search, since you already know the hidden words, you can search for the word itself. Search in every direction and find the letters that make up the words.

Well, now that you’ve learned a few of these tips, how about putting them into practice?

To help you further, let’s talk about the direction the signs are located.


1. Fishbowl;
two. Capricorn;
3. cancer;
4. fish;
5. pound;
6. twins;
7. Sagittarius.


8. Lion;
9. Scorpio;
10. ox;
11. Bakr;
12. Aries.

Now, try to solve the search word


So, did you manage to find all the hidden words in the game? If you can’t find it, don’t worry! Let’s make them available now wherever they are! see below:

Hidden tags in the search word