December 2, 2023
Auditor da Receita Federal

What are the most common mistakes the IRS catches?

Until May 31, Brazilians must declare their 2022 income tax. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of all the information that is passed on to federal revenue. This is said, because if any document is lost, a citizen can fall into the micro-net. What’s more, when revenue examines data reported by taxpayers and businesses.

In short, all data is checked, therefore, any error can leave a person with outstanding problems. So, check out the following for the most common errors that lead a person to the micronetwork.

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Fine Mesh: What are the most common mistakes the IRS catches?

Generally, every time a taxpayer falls into the fine grid, it is because they have made fundamental mistakes. However, put simply, this mistake can cost you a car.

A very common mistake is spending on health. Many taxpayers report Expenses much higher than reality. That way, when revenue cross-references data with data from, say, clinics, it finds the loophole. From this, it is established that the declaration of expenses occurred without proof, and the person falls into the fine net.

Moreover, if the detective Failure to declare the salary you received For the company, it can also fall into the micro-network. This is said because revenue compares the information provided by employees and employers to confirm the data passed. Moreover, it is also important to have Statement of information about financial transactions. In short, whoever sends the document are financial institutions, such as BanksCo-operatives and exchange offices. The data shows all the movements of taxpayers as individuals.

On the other side, Who sells a property worth more than 300,000 Brazilian Real You also need to file your income tax return. In this case, the taxpayer must collect capital gains tax. Finally, the rental income It must also be included on your income tax return.

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