May 28, 2023

What are the most powerful armies in the world? Watch the top 10

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Global Fire Power, an American organization that performs evaluation and ratings The most powerful armies From around the world, its ranking was recently updated, and this time, Brazil does not appear in the top 10. In this sense, 60 criteria were evaluated, ranging from the number of military units and financial situation to logistical and geographical capabilities.

Countries are scored from 0 to 1, and the closer to 0, the stronger the nation.

The United States maintains the lead, followed by Russia and China

The United States maintained the lead, followed by Russia and China. India ranks fourth, followed by the United Kingdom and South Korea, which are down one spot.

Pakistan ranks seventh, while Japan ranks eighth and Turkey, which has fallen two places, ranks ninth. Germany rounds out the top ten.

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Although Brazil is one of the most populous and richest countries in the world, it has invested little in defense, which directly affects its military power. The country has one of the lowest number of combat aircraft per capita among Latin American countries, and less than 1% of its GDP is devoted to defence.

Brazil invests little in defense, which affects its military power

The result of the assessment could be a warning to Brazil. This is because it shows that the country needs to focus more on investing in defense so as not to be left behind compared to other countries.

However, it is also important to remember that military power is not the only factor that determines the strength of a state. After all, there are other areas, such as education and the economy, that also need to be strengthened so that a country can fully develop.

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