December 8, 2022
Quais os países mais ricos do mundo? Veja o valor de suas riquezas!

What are the richest countries in the world? See the value of your wealth!

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When we talk about very rich countries, people usually think of the United States or China. These cases are not wrong, because these places are already at the top of the list when it comes to GDP. However, when we talk about GDP per capita (wealth divided by the country’s population), the story is quite different. Do you want to know the places that stand out on this list? So check out below richest countries in the world.

Switzerland – GDP per capita $84,658

Switzerland is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world, with high conversion rate for other currencies, expensive products and services, etc. However, its stable economy, with its stable currency value and attractive tax rates, ends up fascinating many investor groups, generating a lot of income for the country.

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Qatar – GDP per capita $112,789

Qatar, host of the next World Cup, was just a region with a small fishing industry less than 60 years ago. However, it became an important center for oil exploration in a very short time, providing an almost unreal growth of its GDP, which rose from 30 billion US dollars to 200 billion US dollars.

Ireland – GDP per capita $124.596

Ireland is gradually emerging in the ranking of countries with the highest per capita GDP, largely due to the high investments in the region. Since the taxes are relatively low, they end up attracting multi-billion dollar companies from all over the world, which expand their business into the Irish territory.

In addition, financial, social and political stability ends up providing high salaries to its citizens.

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Singapore – GDP per capita $131,580

Despite the lack of natural resources to aggregate many sectors of its economy, Singapore has become a hub for several billion businesses. As a result, the state provides jobs in manufacturing, services, transportation engineering, technology and logistics. In this way, the place has excellent infrastructure to offer good quality of life and good salaries to its citizens.

Luxembourg – GDP per capita $140,694

Luxembourg is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rates and high income levels among the population. Even as inflation increased last year, the wealth of the world’s richest country has remained stable.

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