February 1, 2023
What are the sources of funds for the host country for the Cup?

What are the sources of funds for the host country for the Cup?

The World Cup has already started in Qatar, and unlike other cups, the location geographical Weather conditions in the host country changed the event calendar. Now, the question that cannot be silenced is, “How can a country that practically lives in the desert be so rich?” To answer this question, check out the major sources of income in the country here. Qatar🇧🇷

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General information about Qatar

A country located in Western Asia, on a peninsula, the Persian Gulf, which lives in an absolute monarchy, has a great advantage that explains the wealth of this country. In the list of per capita GDP, Qatar ranks fourth among the richest countries in the world, with $112,789 per capita. They have been on the top ten list for the past ten years.

source of wealth

The main source of income in the country is the extraction and export of oil, and this source was discovered for the first time in 1939, and according to a report by the World Bank, Qatar has the largest reserves in the world. Another source of wealth that is also associated with oil extraction is the extraction of natural gas.

According to a World Bank report, Qatar benefits from its large reserves of oil and natural gas and its small population. These two factors allowed for the economic prosperity of the country, which is also known for its luxurious cities.

Other Qatar recipes

In an effort to diversify the Qatari economy, the country’s government is working to develop tourism, promoting the country at international conferences, for example, the World Cup, as the country hopes that domestic tourism will grow after the event.