December 5, 2022
What can I buy for the price of a Lolla ticket?

What can I buy for the price of a Lolla ticket?

Lollapalooza Brasil today (11) announced the lineup for its tenth edition, which is supposed to take place between March 24 and 26, 2023, at the Interlagos Circuit, in São Paulo.

The festival confirmed the attendance of artists such as Billie Eilish, Drake, Lil X Nas, Tame Impala and Rosalía, in addition to the band Blink-182, who had previously announced their participation on their official website.

Tickets went on sale at the end of September, weeks before the sights were announced – and the values ​​were, as always, the subject of complaints.

So far, three types of tickets have been made available: Lolla Pass (which qualifies you for three days of the event), Lolla Lounge by Vivo (which, in addition to the free ticket to the event, also gives access to the VIP area) and Lolla Comfort Next to Next (which adds space for convenience, food trucks, and lockers).

Check out what to buy at the price of a Lollapalooza ticket, taking into account the price of the Lolla Pass and the amenity fee, which together add up to R$3,600:

Ticket to Lolla in Chile (with return ticket)

A three-day Lollapalooza ticket in Chile costs 320,000 Chilean pesos (about 1,803 Brazilian reals, at the current exchange rate).

Round-trip airfare, departing on the 16th and returning on March 20 – exactly one day before and one day after the shows in Chile – cost about R$1,700.

The ticket total with the Chilean ticket gives a total of 3,500 BRL, $7 cheaper than the Lolla Pass for the festival in Brazil.

TV to watch shows

A 55-inch smart TV with 4K technology – the best screen resolution on the market today, also known as Ultra HD – could be cheaper than the Lolla Pass.

Values ​​range from R$2,800 to R$359, depending on the brand.

You can watch shows in HD, moreover, from your comfortable sofa.

One year of the English language course

Considering the most popular language schools in Brazil, with the value of the Lolla Pass, a fee for a year of English lessons can be paid.

The average amount paid for courses is R$2,400 for cash payment. There are still about 1,000 riyals left for the language proficiency exam.

You can sing along with the artists, without misunderstanding the words.

One year of public transport tickets

With the value of Lolla Pass, you can ride on public transport for about a year in the largest capitals in Brazil, without having to carry your ticket.

In São Paulo, with a ticket price of R$ 4.40, the festival ticket pays about 800 trips by subway or bus.

In Rio de Janeiro, the value is equivalent to nearly 900 bus tickets at R$ 4.05 or 550 subway tickets at R$ 6.50.

In the capital of Bahia, there are more than 700 bus trips, costing up to 4.90 R$.

basic baskets

In September, the average cost of a basket of basic foodstuffs in the city of São Paulo was R$750 – the most expensive price on record in the country. In Aracaju, the capital with the cheapest prices, the price of a basket was about 520 BRL.

For the price of a Lollapalooza ticket, you can buy 5 to 7 food baskets, depending on where you live.