March 23, 2023
What did 777 promised after Vasco's arrival?  paying off!

What did 777 promised after Vasco’s arrival? paying off!

It was dramatic and dangerous, but Vasco finally achieved his goal of reaching and returned to the Brazilian Primera Division with the championship with a victory in the final round on Sunday (6). The return of Brazilian football to the elite holds expectations in the hearts of a Cromaltino fan, who is hoping to have better days at São Januaro in the club’s new SAF era.

In June of this year, Vasco’s board of directors signed an agreement to sell 70% of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol to North American holding 777 Partners for R$700 million in three years, as well as a debt repayment commitment at the top. to more than 700 million Brazilian riyals. The CEOs, realizing the lack of supporters, did not shy away from making huge investment promises, which include a competitive team, the renovation and expansion of the Moacyr Barbosa Training Center and also the right to run Maracanã.

Regarding the team, the rhetoric is to play on the top shelf of the Brazilian Championship as early as 2023. However, this point is still viewed with caution and caution by most Vasco residents, as the company preferred not to act aggressively in the market in the last window of This season, maintaining the backbone of a team that has already played in the second division and which has not instilled more confidence on the part of the fans.

So far, the 777’s major investments have been in the executive area, including hiring Paulo Brax to be the strongman to lead the football division. Professionals were also hired to analyze the performance and train the staff, including an Englishman working specifically with set-pieces.

The Commerce, Human Resources, and Communications sectors also had processes for selecting and appointing executives who passed through private companies. From rival Flamengo, SAF brought in Commercial Director Caetano Marcelino, who has been at Rubro-Negro since 2019 and has been responsible for important contracts related to the brand’s entertainment and internationalization.

With regard to the Moacyr Barbosa Training Center, the idea is to start renovating the expansion and modernization immediately after the end of Series B. At least one more field will be built and infrastructure works will also be carried out, including the park, medical facilities and gymnasium, among others.

Regarding the Maracana bid, Vasco and 777 have prepared a proposal and are awaiting progress, as the Rio de Janeiro government has suspended the bidding process, following the decision of the State Court of Auditors. Vasco sees the stadium as a long-term strategic facility, for games of great appeal to fans and also as an alternative to the potential work of expanding and modernizing São Januaro.

In this endeavor, the club and the 777 teamed up with W. Torre, with a model similar to Allianz Parque in the division of tasks, as published by columnist Rodrigo Matos. WTorre has partnered with Legends, which operates in the international hospitality market at Real Madrid’s stadium and gymnasium in the Boston Celtics.

The Vasco and WTorre federation’s name is “Maracanã for all” and its proposal is to give the same commercial terms to all the clubs operating in the stadium.

The current interim directors of Maracana, Flamengo and Fluminense initially oppose the possibility of implementing joint management with the competitor, as well as finalizing their proposals.

Even if there is no deal with the duo Fla-Flu, the 777 will still be determined to seek the give, betting on its entertainment expertise as a way to mitigate a potential lack of games on the calendar.