February 1, 2023

What do your nails say about your health?

There are people who bite their nails, which can show anxiety. Others use their fingernails to keep hitting objects like a wooden table, for example, to show concern or some similar sensation.

However, the nails It can reveal much more about a person’s health, as it gives some clues about the state of the body. Check out more about these tips below:

Nails that break easily

When you are younger and your nails break easily, this could indicate a vitamin deficiency, a change in your thyroid gland, or an excess of nail polish or gel.

Change the color of the nails

Different nail color changes can mean different problems.

  • Greenish or bluish spots: It can be a sign of infection with bacteria, and is often found in people who work manually in damp places;
  • White dots or lines: They arise from trauma and are more common in women who do manicures or children who eat their nails. They may also be associated with metabolic or systemic diseases, as well as result from nutritional deficiencies;
  • Pale nails: It can be taken as a sign of low oxygen caused by circulatory problems or lung disease;
  • White or yellow spots: Depending on the distribution of these spots, they may result from mycosis;
  • Violet or bluish color all over the nail: It can also indicate low oxygen caused by circulatory problems or lung disease;
  • Yellow scattered tones: Finally, this color can symbolize slow nail growth and the absence of cuticles can be associated with “yellow nail syndrome,” which is often associated with bronchopulmonary disease.

Some other problems that can affect the nails

Finally, some diseases and other complications can affect the appearance of the nails. These problems are:

  • skin cancer: If the nails have dark brown or black streaks, it could be a case of melanoma, which is skin cancer. When checking for these spots, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible;
  • psoriasis: Approximately 30% of cases of psoriasis cause some change in the nails, either with nail separation, subungual crusting, brown spots or a “spotted” appearance in the nails.