February 6, 2023
What does science say about identical people?

What does science say about identical people?

Sure, you’ve seen someone who looks like A.J big success or even one of your relatives. Is there any scientific explanation for this? There are studies on this “phenomenon”!

According to the BBC, a group of experts from the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute in Barcelona, ​​Spain, are trying to unravel the mystery behind the existence of my husbandvery similar individuals, but without any degree of kinship.

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The research is being led by Manel Esteler, director and professor of genetics at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Medicine. The research began in 2016, and its results were published in August 2022 in the Scientific Journal Cell Reports🇧🇷

The text says that the goal was Objectively identify random people who share facial features At the molecular level, in search of scientific proof of the existence of doppelgangers.

Still, in order for the process to be faster, the scientists contacted a Canadian photographer Francois Brunelfamous for taking pictures of people who are very similar, but not related.

In addition to the photographer, more volunteers took part in the research, a total of 64 people, who were divided into 32 pairs of “doppelgangers”.

The researchers analyzed the volunteers’ faces to see how similar they were to using matching software. facial recognitionAnd they found that, according to the application, 16 pairs were considered very similar.

Next, biological material, such as DNA samples, was collected from the participants’ saliva, who came from different countries.

The biggest curiosity is that although there is no connection between them, the “doppelgangers” They have very similar genes, much to the surprise of the researchers, who see this as an “opportunity.”🇧🇷

So, in the world there are completely random people who share many DNA strands, which makes them physically similar.

The similarities in the DNA chain are, in some cases, so great that two completely different, unrelated people end up being born alike as they are. Identical twins🇧🇷

Another interesting point is that people, in addition to being similar physically, having the same weight, age, and height, have very similar functioning traits, such as similar habits and addictions.

According to the study, these similarities are due to a lot DNA Other experiences lived in childhood, adolescence, or with family members.