October 2, 2022
What happened to the other striker who got the Haaland badge in his debut in the Premier League

What happened to the other striker who got the Haaland badge in his debut in the Premier League

The number 9 shirt is topped by Manchester City, the vice captains of the English Championship, ahead of the match against Wolverhampton, this Saturday, live on ESPN on Star+.

score a goal in Premier League It is not for anyone. Marker Ten times in the first six matchesSo, for a very few. what was Erling Haaland You got it right when you get to Manchesterfacing this Saturday (17) Wolverhampton8:30 a.m. (Brazilian time), with live broadcast by ESPN on Star +.

But before Haaland showed all his scoring flair in the hands of Pep Guardiola, another striker, less popular and practically unknown outside England, had already reached the six-goal mark in ten matches. Your Name: Mickey Queen.

Supporter Liverpoolwhere he was born, Quinn was a typical English striker in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. I didn’t have much artistic refinement with the ballbut they benefited from natural scorer To swing the nets up to work in clubs with little expression.

Quinn was based on Derby County Then it went through Wigan, Oldham Athletic, Portsmouth And the Newcastle until you reach Coventryat a price of 250 thousand pounds, to play in the first season in the history of the Premier League in 1992/93.

The striker’s signature had an immediate effect. Quinn scored ten goals in his first six matches for the club and scored 17 times in six months, but failed to maintain inspiration throughout the season. Coventry finished in Fifteenth placeand escape from the landing.

Quinn’s stage was very good Named for the England national team in 1993, during the brief absence of incumbent Alan Shearer, was injured. The place in the national team never came, nor did that great start come in Coventry.

The striker left the club with 25 goals in 64 Premier League matches. loaned to Plymouthin 1994, then to Watfordin 1995, even leave the country for He finished his career at PAOK from GreeceIn the 1995/1996 season. Altogether, Quinn, who was arrested for drunk driving while acting, says he did. 235 career goals.

Thirty years passed before anyone could match the achievement of Quinn, who now works as a football and horse racing commentator on an English Channel. The previous record holder, however, thinks so Your brand is more impressive than Haalandprecisely for being in a club shirt with a little tradition.

He (Haaland) is still no better than me‘, Guaranteed Quinn, in a recent interview with the newspaper daily Mail. “He couldn’t score in all of the first five games, could he? I did.”

Will Haaland score in Coventry? Haaland, Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa scored early on, but they played in great teams. I was in the middle of the table, fighting relegation, so I couldn’t handle an entire season. While my teammates were sold, City kept buying people. I would have scored a lot of goals in this City team!‘ asserted the spokesperson.

However, Quinn also praised Manchester City’s No. 9, who is living splendidly from his early days at the club. be 12 goals in eight matchesadding all competitions, a brand that will be tested against Wolves soon.

“He looks real. He’s strong, powerful, fast. I wasn’t a runner like him, I was more of a hunter. But what I love about Haaland is that he’s an old end player too. He’s in the zone, lurking on the touch beam,” Quinn finished.