March 30, 2023
What happens to FGTS unusual withdrawal amounts that are not withdrawn?

What happens to FGTS unusual withdrawal amounts that are not withdrawn?

Since last Saturday (6), nearly R$9.2 billion in resources from the extraordinary withdrawal from the Stop Compensation Fund (FGTS) that have not been transferred by the workers shall return to the accounts of the Fund. The amount is part of a R$1,000 withdrawal, which was issued between April and June, but was forgotten in a digital social savings account.

according to Federal Savings Bankthe funds will return to workers’ accounts associated with the FGTS correction accumulated in the period, which, by law, yields the equivalent of the reference rate (TR) plus 3% per annum.

In accordance with Law 14075 of 2020, regulating digital social savings, FGTS amounts deposited in these accounts, which were not transferred by workers within 90 days of the specified withdrawal period, will return to the fund.

FGTS version

Several rounds of FGTS raffles have been released in recent years. In 2022, the government made about R$30.1 billion available to at least 43.2 million workers.

Each worker can withdraw up to R$1,000 from the account. The amount was automatically deposited into digital savings accounts, which were set up by the government to transfer emergency aid in 2020 and later used to pay social benefits and exceptional FGTS withdrawals.

new opportunity

However, despite the return of funds to the FGTS, workers who did not withdraw will have a new opportunity. Because until December 15, it will be possible to order credit back and transfer money to Caixa Tem within 15 days. Withdrawal request must be submitted through the FGTS application (available for Android And the iOS). It is worth noting that the consultation through the Caixa website has been deactivated, leaving only the application to perform the procedure.

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