September 24, 2022
What happens to Trinidad in the Pantanal?  Pawn disappears and TV news mysterious final saddle

What happens to Trinidad in the Pantanal? Pawn disappears and TV news mysterious final saddle

Gabriel Satter will finish recording his character in wet land this week. result Trinity It is one of the great secrets of the Globo’s 9 AM Opera. In the first version of the plot, in 1990, shown by the extinct Manchetti (1983-1999), the guitarist said goodbye without much explanation. At the time, Gabriel’s father, Almir Satir, was cast in A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão (1990) and had to give up the Pantanal feuilleton.

in a new edition, sister Camila Morgado will be destroyed by the pawn’s departure. He won’t be able to shut down Your agreement with cramullion And thinking about the safety of his wife and child, he will leave Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera).

without notifying anyone, He will run away without looking back. After getting into the boat, the character will tell Eugenio (Almer Sater) that he will not have a certain destination, and will mysteriously disappear.

The redhead will eat the bread the devil kneaded. Is he there He will be in danger of deathFor there will not be enough contraction to give birth to the child, but he will say that the child will say that he will not be born without the presence of the father who will have already been expelled.

marianna (Salma Egry) In turn, she will be very happy With the disappearance of the man. Aunt hollow (Jesuita Barbosa), then, will stamp its end side by side Jose Lucas de Nada (Irandir Santos).

Trinidad returns to the Pantanal?

There is still the possibility of a happy ending for the beloved couple. Trinidad and Irma reunion It is Satter’s personal wishwho did not get over the shock of seeing the lovebirds separated.

The events unfold so that some of the situations that will come are well chewed, and thus there is no doubting its nature. All Trindade does from now on is protect both of them. [Irma e o bebê].

“My dad went to attend A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão. This time, right from the start, I told Bruno Luperi: ‘I’m not in a hurry, I don’t want to go out to do a show first, I’ll do it later.’ in the series. “Gratitude is above any path that may arise with this character. From any outcome that may make me sad,” the artist commented.

written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa And the adapted by Bruno LuberiThe TV series Pantanal will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time TransitGloria Perez plot.

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