March 25, 2023

What if the Fufau doll was made of flesh and blood? An artist transforms a character into a real person

Nice personality

Photo – Playback / Facebook

Personal Nice He was very successful when appearing on shows like “Balão Mágico” and “TV Fofão”.

He was born on a fictional planet called “Vovolandia” and ended up on planet Earth. Actor and presenter Orival Pessini was responsible for interpreting its television version.

Fofão’s first appearance was on the show “Balão Mágico”, broadcast by TV Globo. At first, he made sounds that were deciphered by the presenter.

Thanks to its success, Orival created a replica in the form of a doll, which became a sensation among the youth of the time.

The character was so successful that he won a daily program called “TV Fofão”, broadcast by Bandeirantes.

In 2013, several concerts were held across Brazil in celebration of Fofão’s 30th birthday. Although it scared a few kids in the ’90s, it became very popular.

His doll has been a part of many’s childhoods and is currently considered a collector’s item.

the artist Hydroly Diaw I decided to turn him into a human of flesh and blood. Although Fufau was played by a real person, the realistic representation of his doll is slightly different.