December 6, 2023
What is a hypersensitive person?  Learn to recognize

What is a hypersensitive person? Learn to recognize

very people sensitive They are often intense in what they feel, especially in times of stress or stress. Therefore, in a certain situation where others behave calmly, you can feel a very large negative load and tension, as if you are carrying a lot of weight.

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This circumstance, if it is very frequent in your life, may be related to a phenomenon Hypersensitive people.

Am I a hypersensitive person?

A 1996 book, The Gift of Sensitivity, by Ellen N. Aaron, first analyzed the term after extensive research by the author. In it, the writer, who is also a psychologist, analyzed the personality of several people with different characteristics, such as introversion and extroversion. In this way, the researcher can conclude that each person responds differently to situations or stimuli that are close or similar.

For this reason, the term “highly sensitive people” appeared, in which this group of individuals receives certain information in an intense and profound way, in addition to an increased flow of thoughts, feelings of excessive excitement, and in the process suffer from exhaustion. .

Usually this reaction arises when there is a situation that requires a high level of information processing from the individual or requires an emotional charge. In addition to the intensity of feelings, highly sensitive people are very empathetic and can be sensitive to the smallest details of situations that surround them.

Scientists talk about the term

In academia, the term “highly sensitive people,” defined by the acronym PAS, is still not easily accepted. This is because there are positions in the scientific community against concepts formulated by psychologist Elaine Aron.

Thus, there are researchers who argue that the concept is easy to recognize when you are in a situation where the tension is most intense. In the same sense, they noted that stress factors differ from person to person and this should not be the only line of thought for tracking personality.