January 28, 2023
What is Abono Christmas?  Brazilians have until December 15th to cash in!

What is Abono Christmas? Brazilians have until December 15th to cash in!

Getting extra money, like a Christmas allowance, is always good news. This is because as the end of the year arrives, many celebrations come together, including Christmas and New Year, among others.

Therefore, at the end of the year it is common to ask for more money from all residents, mainly because starting a new year brings a desire for renewal, whether in wardrobe, home or life.

In this way, the birthday bonus is available to thousands of recipients. The focus of the feature is specifically to provide better financial support to Brazilians at the end of another year.

If you still don’t know what it is, continue to follow our article below.

Understand the importance of the Christmas allowance for Brazilians

In advance, as already mentioned, the end of another year and the arrival of another year may demand great financial demand from the population. For a better understanding, it is very common that you need to spend money on Christmas shopping, for example, with different foods for dinner and/or gifts.

Also, who hasn’t heard of the turn-of-the-year color tradition? Well, spending the new year with colors like yellow, white, red and green, can end up making people buy more pieces, with the aim of completing the perfect look.

Therefore, there are some benefits available to the workers, keeping in mind the respective season. Among them is the Thirteenth Salary Payment, which is intended to provide an additional boost to those working in a formal system. However, this is not the only feature available.

After all, what is the origin of the allowance?

Without further ado, the Christmas bonus available to Brazilians comes from Exceptional towing FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund). Generally speaking, this is an opportunity for workers to pay part of the amount available from the FGTS, with the aim of providing financial support to anyone who wants it.

From this point of view, since April 2022, more than 42 million workers have been awarded Exceptional withdrawal from fgts🇧🇷 To do this, citizens only need to have available balance in active or inactive fund accounts to be able to redeem up to R$1,000.

However, for the 12 million people who have yet to withdraw, the amounts are seen as a Christmas bonus. The Caixa Economica Federal 🇧🇷cashier), the bank responsible for fgtsyou mentioned that there are still R$8 billion available for withdrawal.

However, anyone who still wants to withdraw this money should hurry up as the deadline expires on December 15th. For those with amounts available in different FGTS accounts, the recovery system works starting with the extinct contracts with the lowest balance and moving on to others.

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How do you withdraw?

First of all, it is necessary to inform that Exceptional towing FGTS It is not a mandatory procedure. That is, the worker does not recover the values ​​unless he wants to. If it is not in your interest, do nothing and the money will be returned to the fund accounts duly corrected after December 15th.

However, anyone who wants to withdraw up to R$1,000 from… fgtsJust order through the website www.fgts.gov.br Or an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Soon after this procedure, the resources will be available in digital savings BOX🇧🇷 Once the funds are low, the worker can transfer via PIX to their account or even use the CAIXA app for virtual purchases or debits using their mobile phone.

How can I consult my FGTS?

The vast majority of workers understand the importance fgts🇧🇷 It acts as a kind of collateral whereby the employer deposits 8% of his employee’s salary into a fund account, set up exclusively for benefit payment. If a citizen is expelled without just cause, he has the right to withdraw the accumulated values.

However, the withdrawal fgts Issued in other specific cases. See the full list below:

  • dismissal without just cause;
  • termination of a fixed-term contract, closure of the company or force majeure;
  • transactions involving the purchase of property;
  • general disaster situations;
  • self-employed workers suspended for 90 days or more;
  • workers over 70 years old;
  • workers or dependents with AIDS, cancer, or other chronic diseases;
  • stability of the escrow account for three consecutive years with no deposits removed from the worker until 7/13/1990;
  • Persons who have been without work for three consecutive years or more;
  • Dependents and recognized heirs in the event of the death of the worker;
  • Christmas withdrawal.

Finally, the balance inquiry fgts This can be done through the website or application or through the call center at the number 0800 726 01 01🇧🇷

Download the FGTS app for Android or iOS:


Download CAIXA Tem for Android or iOS:


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New possibility of up to R$4,500 in the account

Needing money and not having it can be one of the worst feelings for a person. With this in mind, Caixa Econômica Federal has launched a brand new credit facility for millions of Brazilians.

More specifically, this is the Simplification of Digital Microcredit for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital) program, which aims to grant loans of up to R$4,500, including negative loans.

In this way, funds can be employed by individuals and/or legal entities, in the case of MEIs (Individual Small Entrepreneur). However, the terms of the scholarship differ slightly. are they:

  • for MEI – credit up to 4.5 thousand; interest rate between 1.99% and 3.60%; a maximum period of 24 months to settle debts;
  • for individuals – credit up to 1.5 thousand; Interest rate between 1.95% and 3.99% and up to 24 months to pay.
  • For the negatives – the debt cannot exceed R$3,000 on January 31, 2022.

However, it should be noted that the loan is only available to individuals who are willing to take it. Thus, to be employed, you only need to access the Loans tab, in the official Caixa Tem app (bityli.com/SVbrUS🇧🇷

Beforehand, anyone operating as a legal entity must go to a Caixa branch and request a server rental.

6 quick loan options


FinanZero (finanzero.com.brIt works to mediate transactions between consumers and financial institutions. In general, it is possible to find several loan options, each targeted to the profile of each customer.

Everything for me

If you are looking for a loan in the payroll method, Meutudo (meutudo.com.br) may be the solution. For a better understanding, the app offers credit options that can range from R$300 to R$5,000. In addition, it is possible to expect installments with FGTS withdrawal for a birthday.


provo (provu.com.br) also aims to find the best credit option for each customer profile. Thus, the fees may vary according to the chosen method as well as the payment terms.

Good credit

advance, platform (bompracredito.com.br) works as a bank correspondent with the aim of providing credits for a period of 24 months to settle debts. Thus, the big difference is that the funds are available within a few hours after employment.


yes (emprestimosim.com.br) works by predicting FGTS. Thus, it is possible to rent amounts ranging from R$500 to R$150,000. In addition, SIM is also considering the possibility of offering vehicles as collateral.

BV Bank

Last but not least, there are the Banco BV credit types. BV offers R$5,000 in a simple and practical way, and it is possible to access the funds within minutes of registration. That is, for bank account holders.

Those who do not yet have an active bank account must wait 48 useful days for their release.