August 15, 2022
Crédito: Walterson Rosa/MS

What is known about Centaurus subvariant of coronavirus?

Image source Walterson Rosa/MS: There is a minor variant in 11 countries, but WHO says little information is available

The World Health Organization (WHO) is monitoring cases of a variant of omicron BA 2.75, called Centaurus. First identified in May this year in India, it has had unprecedented mutations and experts believe it may be the most contagious to date.

The variant has already reached 11 countries, but it is still surrounded by a series of doubts, because it is not known how strong the symptoms will be with a larger number of the vaccinated population.

+“The anesthesiologist was very aware of what he was doing,” says the case rep.

University of East Anglia professor Paul Hunter told the Daily Mail that at this point, there is no cause for concern, as there is no evidence that it will be stronger than the BA.5 variant, the strain prevalent in Brazil at this time. .

“Current research indicates that recent infection and vaccination together provide the best protection, so the current wave may help protect people from the fall wave caused by BA.2.75,” he said.

According to the World Health Organization, there is little sequencing for the new strain to reach any scientific conclusion about how it appears in humans.