September 26, 2022
What is lifestyle fatigue?  Find out if you suffer from it

What is lifestyle fatigue? Find out if you suffer from it

Psychotherapist Sean Grover commented in Psychology Today that some of his patients began reporting the same feelings of discomfort when returning to their routines. It seems that life is no longer the same, and the effort that was previously devoted to simple activities now needs to be redoubled. In this case, it is worth thinking about habits and what causes all this inner conflict.

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Has everything changed?

Just pop into social networks to see some comments about situations that were popular a couple of years ago and now appear as challenges. Even focusing on household chores is starting to get complicated, and although short-term memory loss is linked to the coronavirus, it doesn’t seem reasonable to live amid a constant lack of motivation.

You can follow the pace!

Small actions can facilitate resumption of the pre-pandemic pace, enhancing productivity and balance. So start slow, walk and prioritize time control. Make time for entertainment and focus on having fun, working smart in all areas that need attention.

Impact on mental health

People are starting to spend more time at home, relying on home office as a business model. This series of remote commitments has reduced social interaction and a healthy distraction to moving into institutions. With the economic recovery, this sudden return affected the mental health of the majority, who were not used to being patient.

Accelerated thinking combined with task overload is detrimental to the social, emotional and cognitive aspects of the global population. Terms like worryDepression and other disorders can be generated or even confused with this general feeling of distress. Thus, it is important to stress that the expression ‘lifestyle stress’ has not yet been considered an official medical term.