December 4, 2022
What is the fastest animal out there?

What is the fastest animal out there?

What is the fastest animal out there? – Question from Raimunda Lani, Elesbão Veloso (PI) – Would you like to submit a question too? click here.

Depends on the medium in which his comrades rush from Bonn.

Our platform is made up of air, earth, and water, in that order. In each of these environments, the fastest are, respectively, the peregrine falcon (or peregrine falcon), leopard and black marlin.

The greatest species of the animal kingdom is the peregrine falcon.Shaheen), capable of flying at a maximum speed of 320 km / h, according to Guinness Book of Records.

Saqr Shaheen

Photo: Carlos Delgado / Wikimedia Commons

And this feat does not happen on horizontal flights, but rather when he “dives” to hunt. However, there is scientific speculation – however undocumented – that the speed could be even higher, from 389 km/h to 563 km/h.

Among the wild animals, the lightest is the cheetah (Asinonex Jubatos) reaches 120.7 km / h and has an amazing acceleration. The cat catcher can go from 0 to 100 km / h in just three seconds. To give you an idea, this performance is similar to that of F-1 cars.

Cheetah - Thinkstock / Getty Images - Thinkstock / Getty Images


Photo: Thinkstock/Getty Images

Oddly enough, the cheetah is not the fastest mammal. bat house (Tadarida brasiliensis – Yes, our compatriot) is able to fly at a speed of 160 km / h.

Diving into the oceans, the fastest animal is the black marlin (makaira points) with an incredible speed of 132 km / h under water.

Black Marlin - Breeding - Breeding

Black Marilyn

Photo: reproduction

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