December 3, 2022
What is the ideal minimum wage?  Dies says: 6,388.55 BRL

What is the ideal minimum wage? Dies says: 6,388.55 BRL

If the minimum wage is R$6,388.55, will that radically change your life? We are so sure! The point is that this is the basic value that a . has Brazilian You must receive, according to the Department of Statistics and Joint Social and Economic Studies (Dieese). The numbers correspond to 5.27 times the current value.

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You are mathematical calculations Take into account a family of four. The data is released every month by Dieese, which is always based on the basic expenses of Brazilians. The survey analyzes spending on food, housing, health, education, transportation, entertainment, clothing, and even contributions to the presidency.

Minimum wage should be R$6,388.55

The department takes into account the price of a basket of basic foodstuffs in São Paulo, which exceeds R$760, the most expensive in the country. Based on this amount, the worker with the simplest wage is obliged to approximately 60% of the monthly salary for food. There are many Brazilians who live on an income of 1,212 R$ at home.

There are also many families with more than four children and without any requirement to ensure the basics. The current salary is not even close to meeting all the needs of the family groups. This is one of the main factors behind the indebtedness of so many Brazilians: three out of ten people are currently unable to pay their bills on time.

Dieese’s research refers to the month of July. Shows that the minimum wage is much lower than inflation Thus, the purchasing power of Brazilian households never changes, even with the new annual adjustments.

For 2023, for example, budget From the Federal Government states that the reward will be only R$1,312. The value may change, since the definition is always announced in January of each year, but it should not increase as much as we would like.

The reality is that, at least in practice, the current base wage is insufficient for Brazilians to achieve a better quality of life given the guarantee of Basic for families.