August 19, 2022
What is the most famous telescope photo taken on your birthday?

What is the most famous telescope photo taken on your birthday?

It’s curious to find out that a famous person shares a birthday with you, and knowing what the space was like when you celebrated your birthday two or three years ago can be a wonderful experience. This is due to the continuous operation of the Hubble Telescope, which records 24 hours a day the events of Earth’s distant stars, while retaining some images.

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Within three decades of work, some of the publications had become popular and gained fame in scientific journals. Currently, there is a database responsible for storing all these files. And there is no secret, everyone has access to the website provided by NASA, on which content about the missions is provided.

How do you see the photo taken by NASA on the same day as your birthday

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, is concerned with ensuring that its research is accessible to others. Developing a playful way to arouse public curiosity is one of the guarantees that the government will continue to invest in projects related to the discovery of new planets and constellations.

In this way, a team of developers has created a specific image search page. a What did Hubble watch on your birthday? It’s a free portal and you can add the month and day of your birth, referring to the image that Hubble took in the same period. All photos are real and some of them manage to capture unique moments.