March 24, 2023
What is the value of the 45.6 billion won prize if converted into OMR?

What is the value of the 45.6 billion won prize if converted into OMR?

In the plot of the series Round 6new success NetflixThe grand prize for winning a series of killer games is 45.6 billion KRW. But what is the value of this money based on our currency?

The prize is there to motivate players, who are very desperate and indebted individuals, to do their best to win matches at the end. Being 45.6 billion KRW, it means that the “story” disputed by the characters is from 208.5 million Brazilian riyals, in the current quote.

Although this award in Brazil doesn’t make anyone a billionaire, it’s not a throwaway amount, is it? For comparison, award Brazil is the big brother that it 139 times less than the money offered in Round 6. Just Mega from the role, an award presented by Caixa at the end of the year, managed to exceed the value of Round 6. Of course, no one fights to not die in these cases, but you understand…

Round Six Series poster showing the prize and the main characters

The sixth round debuted on Netflix on September 17 and is already one of the biggest phenomena on the platform.

South Korean series starring Lee Jong Jae, is about to become Greatest broadcast series everAs the co-CEO of Netflix said, Ted Sarandos.

with 9 rings, Round 6 (where squid gamesFollow the journey of a group that risks their lives by participating in a mysterious survival game that will hand out a billionaire prize to the winner.

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