June 4, 2023

What medicine did Yidu give to Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings?

Yidu Vikings

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The character of Ragnar Lothbrok has become one of the most important names in the series.VikingsHe begins the story as a brave peasant determined to find new lands for his people.

As the seasons pass, he becomes the king of Kattegat and one of the most feared men of his time. However, after the separation of Lagertha and the death of Athelstan, Ragnar’s life underwent great changes.

During the fourth season, the Vikings meet Yidu, a woman who gives him a mysterious medicine to alleviate the effects of his illness after his failed attempt to conquer Paris.

The only problem was that Bjorn Ironside’s father had become addicted to the substance, losing control at various times. Due to the drug’s sedative and hallucinogenic effects, many believe it to be opium, a juice extracted from several types of the poppy plant during sleep, used as an anesthetic.

The plant can be found naturally in Asia, originating from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It has a brown color and a very distinct bitter taste.

This is one of the most likely possibilities. Yidu first appears as a slave girl and the only Asian among Frankia’s slaves. She catches the attention of Aslaug and later Ragnar Lothbrok.

theoretically screen rantMost likely, the treatment included not only opium, but a mixture of other herbs, and reached a stronger hallucinogenic and analgesic effect, which made Ragnar become addicted to this substance.

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