December 3, 2022
What we know about the singer's rape conviction

What we know about the singer’s rape conviction

Group founder art singer popularity Leandro Lehart, 50, was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for rape and false imprisonment. advance this month. The case gained repercussions when “Balanço Geral” initially broadcast it on TV Record on the 16th.

splash The Ministry of Public Affairs in Sao Paulo confirmed that the main evidence against the artist were the testimonies of victim Rita de Cassia Correa and her psychiatrist.

In an interview with TV Globo titled “Fantástico”, Last Sunday, Rita mentioned that she had sex with the musician before rapeAnd it wasn’t violent at all.

But in 2019, Leandro changed his position, reaching the point of immobilizing her, uttering racist insults and exposing her to humiliating situations. The report described one of the moments reported by the victim as “a heinous and dangerous act of violence.” “It’s not me who should be ashamed, it’s him,” said Rita.

Lehart appeals the conviction at liberty and The second case will be analyzed Model. The announcement to summon lawyers was published in the Official Gazette on Friday (23).

Case details

Their relationship began in 2017. At that time, Rita sent a letter praising Leandro’s work and was invited to his house to play the piano and get acquainted with the studio. The property is located in an upscale area north of São Paulo.

In five meetings, there were sexual relations: “always very polite, very kind, very polite,” she called Rita “brilliant.”

In 2019, the two were in the musician’s bedroom when he suggested they go to the bathroom. There, according to Rita, Leandro adopted an aggressive stance, paralyzed her and committed the act:

I actually started to struggle to ask him to stop and try to get him away from me, but I just couldn’t. Still masturbating until he arrived Orgasm.

Then he left her locked in the bathroom: “I yelled at him to let me out of there, and he didn’t. I’m coming to you Let her get out of there when she calms down so we can talk’.”

“He said I could do it with him the same way because I was overreacting, seeing as it’s not. It’s the first time I’ve been so scared.”

Rita said that Leandro began to wonder if she was expecting a serious relationship and uttered racial insults: “What do you think I get from a black girl like you?”

After the accident, she says, she developed serious psychological problems, lost her job, and attempted suicide: “I threw myself down a very long ladder there in despair, wanting to escape from everything I had been through.”

About six months after the event, Leandro Lehart He returned to look for Rita: “By letters, he began to redeem himself without taking his guilt in confession.”

In a letter, the musician said, “If I sexually insult you while you are in this position, I suppose. I am very ashamed, but I accept it.” Why I did this with a woman in exchange for my happiness. I was selfish. If you feel entitled to report me, do so. I wont get mad “.

She also alleges that Leandro gave her cash on three occasions, in amounts ranging from R$200 to R$900. In October 2020, he filed a police report stating that he had been blackmailed or blackmailed.

What does the singer say?

lawyers Lehart Talk about the issue on the musician’s social media.

“Leandro Lehart’s technical defense, in response to press requests for comment, is reporting that the case is being considered in secret by the courts and is still pending with a final decision, preventing further consideration of the facts. In any event, Leandro and his attorneys remain confident,” the memo said. judicial authority and that the truth will prevail with the consequent acquittal of them.”

The musician stated on Instagram that he was the victim of a “great injustice”. He said he believed justice would prevail at the end of the investigations.

“My love, I am the victim of a great injustice, but the truth will soon triumph. It has been 40 years of work and 50 years of life believing in justice, and even if you delay, you will not fail. And he said that evil will never prevail. Thank you for everything.

Who is Leandro Lehart?

Leandro Lehart He was born on January 25, 1972, in Jardim São Bento, north of São Paulo. Raised in a family of artists, he took his first steps in the world Song A boy still performs black dance performances Music and hip hop parties.

The founder of the Art Popular group, he is the successful songwriter of the songs “Pimpolho” and “Agamamou”. He also participated in the “Casa dos Artistas” (SBT), winner of a pre-cancer award during the period of social isolation caused by Covid disease, among other facts.

At the age of 16, Lehart began to get acquainted with samba He delighted his friends with his ability to unify the rhythm of the backyard with the beats of pop music.

After immersing himself in studies of musical rhythm and Brazilian cultural diversity, he founded the group Art Popular along with his brother, Evandro Soares, and three other friends, in 1990, and began success in Brazil, selling 20,000 records.

In 2005, Leandro Lehart left Art Popular to invest in individual projects, such as the production of the documentary “Mestiço – Novo Ritmo do Brasil”, but returned to the group to continue the story that has nine gold records, seven platinum records and one diamond disc.

According to his official website, Leandro Lehart is a social activist for social projects such as Samba Cura o Câncer and Samba do Voluntário, as well as helping to raise funds for charities and surrounding areas.

In 2022, the singer returned to the spotlight when the Disney group invited him to perform a special act on the 80th anniversary of the character Z Carioca.

He produced the song “Os Zés do Brasil” and directed the recording production of the song with singer Xande de Pilares. The music video for the work was released in early September.