December 7, 2022
WhatsApp aims to provide cashback in digital payments

WhatsApp aims to provide cashback in digital payments

The website that specializes in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, has released another intriguing piece of information. As the news continues, today’s most popular messenger will offer cashback. Well, more than making payments, it will now be possible to receive part of the money paid.

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Cashback – WhatsApp

The information came from an analysis conducted by WABetaInfo itself. The site had access to the resource still in the testing phase (beta phase).

At the beginning of the screen it is already possible to check the alert message for the news. “Earn cashback on your next payment,” the newsletter says in the messenger.

Currently, the cashback service is believed to be a way to attract more customers. After all, getting started with WhatsApp Pay is one of the attractions for people. In contrast, Facebook has not announced any point of this new mechanism.

Therefore, it is unknown whether access to cashback will be available to the entire user base or not. In fact, had it not been for WABetaInfo, no information about this possibility would have been published.

WhatsApp Pay

At this point, it should be noted that WhatsApp Pay has not yet found a good audience in Brazil. Using the latest data, it is possible to note that only 7% of users use the payment system.

In Brazil, one of the direct competitors of WhatsApp Pay is Pix itself. After the implementation of the resource by the central bank, the dispute in the sector has become difficult.

Thus, offering beneficial cashback can be a good attraction strategy. Many users will start using WhatsApp Pay as the way to get the promotion.

There is no date or forecast for the supplier to reach the market. The tester has not yet reported any crashes within the app. However, the beta phase continues, and who knows, the feature will be available sooner than we think.

In the meantime, it’s worth checking out how WhatsApp Pay works and exploring its functionality. After all, this is another facility that technology offers nowadays.