August 15, 2022
WhatsApp allows you to mute a user in a group call

WhatsApp allows you to mute a user in a group call

Meta, the company responsible for The WhatsApprecently implemented a feature on the messaging platform that allows you to mute specific people in group audio or video calls.

In practice, the tool is useful in the case of people who have forgotten to turn off the microphone or who are in the same room as you and do not need to hear the same thing, for example.

In any case, it is important to note that the functionality is being released gradually. Therefore, it is possible that the option will take some time to appear to you in the application.

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How to mute people on WhatsApp?

With group invitation The WhatsApp In progress, press and hold for a few seconds on the icon of the participant you want to mute. When the selection box appears, tap ‘Mute’ [nome da pessoa]”.

Immediately, the voice of the other party on the call will not be heard. When this happens, she will be notified of the action with instructions on how to undo the deactivation. Just tap the microphone button (at the bottom of the screen).

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WhatsApp launches new privacy tools

a The WhatsApp It started making new privacy features available on its platform. Users will be able to hide their profile picture, “note”, “status” and “last seen”. Also, it will be possible to choose which contacts will be able to see the information.

The novelty has been developed since the beginning of this year. However, only in the last week has the features been definitively rolled out.

The launch of the features meets a long-standing demand from the users of the app. At the moment, many are striving for more privacy, including on social networks, and for this reason, the demand for resources is already high.

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Before the new privacy options, the user can select only the following alternatives: “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody”. However, after the update, it became possible to use the “My contacts except…” tab and specify who can’t see your information. See how below:

  1. Enter the messaging application;
  2. access to settings;
  3. Click on the privacy area;
  4. Choose the features you want to customize.

If the new app is not available to you yet, it means that the app has not been updated yet. So, to update, go to the mobile application store and install the new version of the messaging system.

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