February 2, 2023

WhatsApp announces a function that can undo users’ worst mistake

Have you ever deleted a message for yourself in the app when you wanted to delete the content for everyone and didn’t know what to do? We know how it is! The good news is that’s new Update WhatsApp solves this situation and allows the user to undo the action, in case they select the wrong option when it comes to the disappearance of a message.

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In pursuit of more and more solutions and functions to make users’ routine more practical, the new resource has been testing since August for beta users of messenger will be released.

The feature will be available to all Android and iOS users. Want to know how it works? In the event that a message was accidentally deleted just for you, you can fix the unexpected.

The new WhatsApp function allows you to recover deleted messages

With the new function he developed Goal, it will be possible to recover accidentally deleted content. The deadline to achieve restore is only five seconds, which requires the user’s attention. It is worth noting that WhatsApp offers two ways to delete messages: “Delete for me” or “Delete for everyone”.

What happens is that some users get overwhelmed in the rush to delete the sent message, so they end up deleting the text just for themselves. With the message gone, it was impossible to exclude everyone from the conversation, as was initially required. The situation ended in despair – of course, depending on the situation. Contents Sent – , because the action could not be undone.

So, to get back the accidentally deleted message, just click on the “Undo” option which will appear at the bottom of the Application🇧🇷 The function is only available for the “Trim me” option. In this case, messages that have been deleted for everyone cannot be recovered in any way. Be careful!