September 25, 2022
WhatsApp functionality prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

WhatsApp begins testing the ‘Communities’ feature

Portals specialized in information about The WhatsApp Expected, earlier this year, the launch Function “communities”Now, the messaging platform has begun testing with the feature that allows multiple groups to come together in a big circle.

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Users from some countries are already selected to test the novelty. With it, the user will be able to gather up to ten groups into a larger group, either by topic or by another common characteristic.

Members will be able to split into smaller discussion groups, while boss Gain more strength. They will be able to send advertisement messages to all members and even remove messages they consider problematic.

a WABetaInfo, A portal specialized in WhatsApp news, reported that the Communities option will be displayed in a new tab in the application. There is no information about when it will be released to all users of the messenger.

block printing

Another resource tested by the Meta group makes it impossible to do this take pictures From the screen, known as prints. This is another attempt by WhatsApp to ensure the privacy of account holders.

The action will only affect single-view photos and videos, those that disappear after opening. The prediction is that the functionality will be added optionally, i.e. the user will decide whether to block prints or not.