December 8, 2022

WhatsApp can be a great platform to sell; Learn how to make money through the app

WhatsApp is a multi-platform application, mainly known for the ability to send instant text and voice messages through smart phones. Moreover, the platform also allows users to upload videos, photos, and files, as well as the ability to make free calls when online. The app appeared in the United States and became popular in several places around the world, including Brazil. Currently, in Brazil, the platform is the most widely used for sending text messages and it is also widely used in business environments.

So check out some tips on how to use the app to increase your sales.

Learn how to sell via WhatsApp

WhatsApp can present itself as a good sales platform, so many people use it in this way. With this, the app enables the use of business accounts. Therefore, in addition to being able to promote and sell your products, it is also important to know the tools and know how to articulate to convince the customer to buy your product. Thus, the application appears as an opportunity for businesses due to CRM.

Business consultant and professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) explains that it is important to maintain consistency in client communication and also alignment with other communication channels. So here are some tips to increase your sales via WhatsApp.

1. Don’t use sales letters

First of all, it is important to avoid sending sales letters in groups, because this situation is not respected by customers. Remember that the person you are trying to sell your product to should feel exclusive, so messages should be sent individually. However, remember not to be reckless about constantly sending messages as they will not always be relevant to the customer and they may still feel uncomfortable with your inbox full of messages.

2. Follow the rules of etiquette

Basic etiquette rules must be followed in all messages sent. The rules in question are to start the text in an informal format that will attract your customer more and make them feel special. However, avoid sending messages with very intimate expressions and slang, the message should bring the consumer closer but not make him feel coerced by the company, since calling him by nicknames like “Little Love” or “Little Flower” may not be to everyone’s liking. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules of spelling and the use of punctuation and capitalization according to the mandatory Portuguese grammar.

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3. Don’t send daily messages

Sending daily messages can be very stressful for the customer. This is because he could end up banning the company. Thus, it is interesting that the call takes place every 15 days or when the customer contacts the company alone.

4. Send messages for real reasons

Additionally, messages should also contain a reason for sending the customer’s interest, such as promotions, a product launch or event, or feedback on technical assistance after a sales call.

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